Yacht charter in the Grenadines Sailing holiday vacation Grenadines

Yacht charter in the Grenadines. A sailing holiday / vacation in the Grenadines.


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In 1978 I obtained my radio examination and was in the air since that time.

First I was qrv wit 4x 8  el  and 1 kW on 144 MHz and 2 x 21 el and 500 watt on 70 cm

Almost every VHF contest I was qrv with one of the contest groups in the Netherlands as PA0GN later PI4GN, Pi4ZI

On the boat the rig is a Yaesu 817 with a 300 watt amplifier, the antenna is a G5RV connected at the top of the main mast, as Horta has a lot of stays, wires and lines you won't see the antenna on the picture. As Horta has a steel hull the grounding is excellent and the G5RV has a great take off.
At this time a don't have a antenna for 6 meter and no power only the 5 watt from the 817, but I am working on that project.

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'73 Harm