Yacht charter in the Grenadines Sailing holiday vacation Grenadines

Yacht charter in the Grenadines. A sailing holiday / vacation in the Grenadines.

Sailing vacations in the Grenadines starting at Carriacou             7 Days/6 nights trip
Our tours are not written cast in stone and we can adjust the trip to your personal wishes.

Carriacou-Sandy Island-Union Island-Petit St. Vincent and Petit Martinique Mayreau-Tobago Cays-Canouan-Carriacou


Day 1 the adventure begins



Your sailing vacation will start at Grenada where you can take the fast ferry or a plane to Carriacou


Shipping in at the ferry in Grenada








 After your arrival in Carriacou about 10:30, Horta’s crew will pick you up and bring you to the boat which is on anchor at Tyrell Bay.





After the lunch we can explore Carriacou and visit the capital city Hillsborough and the Windward site with panoramic view on the reefs. At the end of the day we set sail for Sandy Island. Sandy Island is a flawless strip of sand decorated by a few palms. There is good snorkeling on Sandy Island.





The next day we are sailing for an hour or so to Union Island, the southernmost port of entry in St. Vincent and the Grenadines. After we've dropped the anchor you can explore the island and Clifton, the capitol of Union Island.



 Day 3

 Next morning we set sail for Petit St. Vincent and Petit Martinique. Petit St. Vincent is a private island with a great beach. Petit Martinique is the last outpost of Grenada. The inhabitants live by boatbuilding, seafaring and fishing, and in the days of old, by smuggling.


Day 4

The next day after breakfast we set sail for the small island of Mayreau where we anchor by a lovely beach with palms.  After lunch you can climb up the one road on the island and enjoy the spectacular views upon the hill.






 At the end of the day we will sail to the Tobago Cays. The Tobago Cays are a group of small deserted islands protected from the sea by a horseshoe reef. The water and reef colors are a kaleidoscope of gold, blue, turquoise and green.



 The Tobago Cay's, you can't believe your eyes




Day 5



In this day of your sailing vacation in the Grenadines we will stay at the Tobago Cays and if you wish Harmen will take you for a snorkel trip on the reef. The snorkeling on the horseshoe reef is superb in crystal clear water.








Day 6



Next morning we will sail between the reefs to Chatham bay at Union Island. We will anchor at a great beach and you can take a drink at Vanessa's beach bar and enjoy the great sunset.










Day 7

We will sail back to Carriacou where your Grenadines sailing vacation ends.  After lunch you can take the ferry back to Grenada.