Yacht charter in the Grenadines Sailing holiday vacation Grenadines

Yacht charter in the Grenadines. A sailing holiday / vacation in the Grenadines.

Kids AHOY!!!!!!!!!!


We have (young) children, is that ok? 


We love children, and we want them to learn about sailing and island cultures in a safe and controlled way.

The Horta is totally suitable for a family of five , with the parents having the central cabin, and the children in the bow room. With her flat deck and the wheelhouse the Horta is a safe and extremely child friendly boat.  






If we have children aboard Lizzy cook child friendly meals like burgers on the bbq or a hot dog with lunch.





With children aboard we keep the voyages between the Grenadines islands short (not longer than 2 hours or so) and the kids have every day a new beach to explore.