Yacht charter in the Grenadines Sailing holiday vacation Grenadines

Yacht charter in the Grenadines. A sailing holiday / vacation in the Grenadines.

Meet your vacation Crew

 English, French, Dutch and German spoken


You do not have to be an experienced sailor to enjoy your yacht charter with the Horta.

The Dutch Captain Harmen (1956) and his Dutch wife Lizzy (1959) and the ship’s cat,  Zwerver (2003) ensure you of a safe Grenadines sailing vacation.


 Since the age of 8, Harmen (qualified yacht master)  has been sailing in everything that even resembles a sailboat. Starting at 1985 Harmen and Lizzy began sailing together and have made sailing trips from Holland to Denmark, Germany, England, France, and Croatia.

In 2002 they decided to sail Horta in to the Grenadines. In 2004 the ship's cat, Zwerver, was added to the crew.
Because Harmen is a Master Mechanic he maintains Horta in pristine sailing condition. Lizzy takes care of all living comforts as well as creating her tropical culinary delights three times a day that continually surprise and gratify their passengers.


Both Harmen and Lizzy continually maintain Horta when they are between guest passengers so Horta is always ship-shape. Both Harmen and Lizzy take turns at the helm whenever they are underway so they retain their routine of navigation, position plotting, and radar reading.

Because Harmen and Lizzy have been sailing the Grenadines for 14 years they know exactly what every island in the Grenadines has to offer to make your holiday a dream come true.


 Amateur radio station PE1IGM